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Integrated Platform for Early Customer Engagement

One Platform: Four Modules

Engage your current and prospecting customers with relevant content and consistent touch points through flawless experiences.
Content Marketing Tool

Engaging with customers through content is critical to any company’s success.

61% of consumers say they feel better about a company that delivers custom content, they are also more likely to buy from that company.

TPNI's Content Marketing Platform provides:

  • Newsletters for outreach and engagement
  • One touch curation tool for curation by multiple authors with the click of a button
  • Easy & personalized engagements through email, SMS, and social channels
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Digital Publication Creator

Every Company Needs a Digital Voice

70% of the consumer buying decision is met before the customer meets the company. A consumers needs a convenient place where they can search, share and interact to make their decisions.

TPNI's Digital Publications Creator:

  • Generate new prospects with content and programs
  • Increase brand awareness through thought leadership
  • Nurture Prospects into Leads through consistent quality engagement
Webcasting Tool

Online Events need to match the quality of live studio productions.

Customers are consuming content online more rapidly than ever and have a high level of expectation of quality and professionalism.

TPNI’s Video Webcast Platform provides:

  • Engage your audience with live video production
  • Increase participation with live polls and chats
  • Tailor your event with real-time analytics
Event Management Tool

Registering for events should be fast and seamless.

Event Technology has become the face of all events and the organizations that manage them.

TPNI’s Event Registration Platform provides:

  • Create Interactive Customer Experiences through registration and online engagement
  • Increase registration counts through engagement and social sharing
  • Increase verification counts through connecting with the audience
Here’s how it works:


Easy Content Marketing by Managing Every Step in a Single Platform

The Pulse Network’s cloud based platform focuses on content marketing and event solutions to improve clients’ engagement with existing and prospective customers and generate leads for new opportunities.

Full and seamless email and social communications.
Drive leads with Exclusive Content
Create Engaging Experience’s for Customers
Optimize Your Thought Leadership
Build your community for previous and upcoming events!

We are focused on event marketing and solutions to improve clients’ engagement with existing and prospective customers and generate leads for current and future events. For over 20 years TPNI has been providing its customers with event solutions. TPNI has taken their technology and moved it to its Platform in the cloud.

Create Engaging Content that Reaches Customers

Optimize and build your community for increased brand loyalty. Move beyond clicks and forms. Build a loyal community with rich content that gets people talking about your product.

Full and seamless email and social communications.
Drive leads with Exclusive Content
Create Engaging Experience’s for Customers
Optimize Your Thought Leadership
Build engaging experiences for your audience with live production.

Easily launch live and recorded content that engage your audience in a personalized way, without help from IT. Using TPNI’s webcast platform, your online events can match the quality of live studio productions with a few clicks.

Run virtual events and videos on your site, not a third parties
Exclusive content used to drive leads through a seamless experience
Stream high quality video through Multiple CDN Integration

Video content should be easy to create, produce and deliver.
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Transitioning from Direct Marketing
Business Paradigms have changed and with that, models and processes also need to change to stay caught up. Now more than ever, it is important to educate the consumer to build confidence, increase engagement, connect with end users, increase members and subscribers, and ultimately drive sales. In this webcast, you'll also learn from a real world case study on how the National Fire Protection Association is transitioning from a direct marketing and partner distribution model to an end user engagement model that meets revenue goals and builds stronger relationships.
Driving Engagement through Learning
Earlier this year the Harvard Alumni Association and HarvardX teamed up to pilot HarvardX for alumni. The exclusive program featured new and curated intellectual content in response to alumni interest in lifelong learning. Dive into the results with Kelli Celia, Associate Director and Alumni Digital Engagement at Harvard, and Michael Rutter, Communications Director at HarvardX/ Harvard Public Affairs and Communications, of this bold digital experiment and learn how its outcomes are informing digital content and engagement strategies moving forward. Harvard University, which celebrated its 350th anniversary in 1986, is the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States. HarvardX is the university’s strategic initiative to enable open online learning and education research. Kellie Celia is the Associate Director, Alumni Digital Engagement at Harvard University where she managed the communications campaign for HarvardX for Alumni this past spring. Her work revolves around engagement marketing, using digital tools to connect Harvard alumni with the University and each other. Michael Patrick Rutter is a communications director in the Harvard Public Affairs and Communications Office supporting institutional strategic priorities in advances in learning (including online learning opportunities through HarvardX and edX, educational research, and related grants and support). Learn more -
How To Think Mobile
Mobile commerce has reached and passed its tipping point: more than 60% of the U.S. population now owns smartphones. But mobile commerce is about much more than just the “location-based strategies” and apps. If you’re making decisions about marketing, customer service and mobile commerce, you need to think mobile to thrive. Edison Research’s VP of Strategy, Tom Webster helps you do that in this seminar. Edison Research conducts market research and exit polling, providing strategic information for businesses and media organizations worldwide. Tom is a specialist in consumer behavior, and has spent nearly 20 years telling stories with numbers and trying to gain insights from data. Learn more -
If You're Not Multicasting; You're not marketing!
Paul Colligan from TPNI explains why multicasting is important for marketers. TPNI Engage is a groundbreaking platform that helps small businesses, entrepreneurs, authors and experts generate active online traffic, high-converting websites and multiple leads through the distribution of content to video sites, social bookmarking, social media, blog and podcasting directories. Working together with Instant Customer, they help you spend less of your time following up or even neglecting your leads by having them engage and nurture automatically. Paul Colligan helps others leverage technology to improve themselves and broaden their audience with reduced stress and no dramas. If you are looking for titles: Husband, Father, YouTube Expert, Director of Content Marketing for and CEO of Learn more -
Key skills for Digital Marketers
It is a brave new world in digital marketing. Trends like big data, digital loyalty programs, predictive analytics and contextualized content have become part of our everyday lives. So the question is: are you ready? Larry Weber, Chairman and CEO of Racepoint Global, will discuss the best ways to arm yourself with the skills you need to stay relevant and adapt in this customer-centric era with specific techniques for engaging customers effectively through technology. Racepoint Global is an integrated marketing communications agency that places brands at the intersection of influence and action, For decades, Larry Weber has been speaking, writing and consulting with some of the largest and most iconic brands in the world. These skills are relevant to businesses of all sizes wanting to learn how to engage with customers in meaningful, profitable, and mutually beneficial ways. Learn more -
Native Advertising
Content may be king… But native advertising is queen. Walter Coffey, Director of Digital Advertising at The Boston Herald, teaches you everything you need to know about native advertising. The Boston Herald stands out for its influential political, business, sports and entertainment coverage. Their appeal is strong among readers of all stripes who appreciate the conviction of their editorial voice and the tenacity of their news gathering operation. Walter Coffey, Director of Digital Advertising, has more than 20 years of experience in print and online advertising. He is glad to work with such a great team and audience at The Boston Herald. They always have a great story to tell as far as helping out advertisers with their needs. Learn more -
Social Media Breakfast
Our special IMS breakfast event will focus on how to build and manage your own social communities for success - creating and controlling your own content and brand narrative, all awhile leveraging the cultural momentum of social and digital of today. Hosted by Robert Collins, Vice President, Digital & Social Media at Fleishmanhillard. Featured speakers: Paul Casinelli, Director, Product Marketing, Digital Marketin Solutions at Brightcove; Lindsay Crudele, Digital Social Media Strategist at City of Boston; Glenn Gaudet, President & Founder of Gagglemap; Daniel Sullivan, CEO of Crowdly Learn more -
Strategic Writing for Content Marketing
Writing content for your marketing needs to accomplish several goals for your business. Byron White, Founder of WriterAccess, will discuss how to create and write content and what strategy you need to have it be successful. WriterAccess is a content marketplace that connects clients with freelance writers via the cloud. Byron's giving nature is likewise noted with his proudest accomplishment, which is gainfully employing so many people over the years as an entrepreneur. This published author, popular speaker, radio and webinar host doubles as an outdoor gas grill fanatic. Working is his thrill and passion, although he strives to make it fun and does in fact cherish every minute with his wife. Learn more -
The Value of Connecting with End Users
See how Carol Ann Faber, Director, Program Promotions and Content Marketing at National Fire Protection Association, explains the manner in which they are transitioning from a direct marketing and partner distribution model to an end user engagement model that meets revenue goals and builds stronger relationships. The National Fire Protection Association publishes fire and building safety standards including the National Electrical Code. Carol Ann Faber is an experienced association marketer. For the past 13 years, she has been director of continuity products at the National Fire Protection Association. She also was Vice President of Marketing at the Community Association Institute and served eight years as director of marketing at the National Society of Professional Engineers. Learn more -
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