Now is the time to launch…

I do not want to sound preachy in my message in this, nor do I want to sound blind to the current economic gloom (believe me – I am seeing it every day…), but I am recommending to anyone who is looking for a job or is in fear of losing a job – Now is the time to launch…

The “pundits” might have their opinion, speaking of which Robert Gibbs this morning, in defense of the administration’s miscalculation re: unemployment said – yes we were wrong but so was every other blue chip analyst…, but the reality is clear – jobs have been lost and they are not coming back soon.  So what is someone to do?  Keep looking?  Keep banging your head against the wall trying to find a job?  I heard from a friend the other day who was describing a job fair – he said “it is a bunch of 40+ year old MBA’s standing around talking to people who say – ‘check out our web site’”.

My suggestion – launch.  Control your own destiny and give yourself a chance, not only now but into the future.  Be conservative, yes.  But take advantage of this time to create a business that will allow you to control your future and be the one to determine your success.  And I am not saying to think big – yes – no one is funding a startup.  But start a pizza restaurant.  Or a small service business.  Or whatever you can do that can work and can allow you to be successful.  I talked to someone the other day who discussed opening a golf range and doing golf and tennis lessons.  Interesting idea.

Again – I am not this eternal optimist or the one who thinks the sky is always blue – in fact – if anything – I am a pessimist at heart.  But the job market is going to get  worse.  And as we get older, it is going to get worse again.  Your best bet is to control your own destiny and get ahead of what is happening and what is coming.  Is it nerve – no question.  Will you be happier – no idea.  Will you make more money – maybe / maybe not.  But will you be in control – yes.

We are headed into tougher time for workers – all around all the talk is about more layoffs, not more hiring.  Make it simple.  Start it while you can – even start it while looking for that new job.  But take control of your future and own your destiny.

Am I wrong?  Too optimistic?  Thoughts?

Could Barry Diller be wrong??

“I actually wonder if this post could have been titles – “Is there an opportunity arising that will make someone very rich…”…

But… Bary Diller was quoted as saying -The Internet ‘Absolutely’ Will Become a Paid System’. Time Projection: Within 5 Years” –  And he is not the first to make this statement.  News organizations around the work are grappling with this dilemma – the paradigm has shifted and their businesses and business models are proving to be out of touch and out of date.  Everyone is scrambling to tell us that real content should be paid for and people should pay.  This question is being asked by so many people and so many businesses as they struggle for survival and try to figure out the next generation of news and entertainment.  But will they?  Can you really stem the tide and change the mentality of a consumer who is accustomed to getting free content online?  Or are you just opening a door for new competitors who can think of a reduced cost business model where they can still provide free content and can get reimbursement some other way???

I think there are 2 problems with the idea that content will be paid for.  I wonder which business can be pointed to that provided free access and then successfully made the transition to paid.  I cannot recall one that did it successfully.  The internet mentaility is spilling over now and affecting conferences, magazines, newspapers, and televisions.  And second, even if there were a business model to follow – are you not just opening the door to new competitors who figure out a lower cost model and do not charge for content?  Media companies will argue that their content is superior, that their writers are true journalists and people should pay for that.  But look at the trend in local news stations – the “credible”, “senior” newscasters are being replaced with younger, lower cost newscasters.  Why?  Because credible, while important, is not a deciding factor for the consuming public.  The second issue is timing.  There is a wave of ways to get news now, and that wave is growing.  And to have these “credible sources” and “credible processes” intervening in the distribution of news slows down the process and ultimately causes these “credible sources” to be late to the game.

No question – these sources can and will become opinion pages and opinion sources and some people will be willing to pay for that.  Is that enough to sustain these businesses – I would think not – but we will see.

So go ahead, start charging.  Let’s see what happens and how it plays out.  My opinion – the door is opening for new competitors and soon we will be hearing about news and information sources that we never heard of before, and some entrepreneurial thinkers will become very rich in the process…

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