Digital Strategy and Audit

Businesses are under increasing pressure to produce the right content on the right channel to meet the needs of the new social consumer. As digital content becomes a key corporate currency, it’s essential to understand what sources, formats, social channels, distribution model and timetable is needed to drive awareness, acquisition or engagement.

The Pulse’s Digital Strategy and Audit helps organizations meet this challenge by taking a competitive snapshot of your content capabilities and deriving an actionable social strategy via our unique content model, Content Performance Index, and digital marketing experience.


Starting with a workshop to refine goals tactics and KPIs, we perform a content audit, followed by ecosystem research and optional sentiment analysis. Then we develop your distribution and syndication strategy, followed by (optional) influencer outreach as follows:

Content Audit – Using content model, map content assets and outline optimal productivity and velocity to meet goals; identify gaps; develop content calendar

Ecosystem Research – Conduct sentiment analysis to benchmark competitor online/social presence, identify key influencers, communities and channels for reaching targets

Syndication Strategy – Outline strategy/format/tone for target channels – Web portal, communities, blog, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, mobile


Project deliverables will help you understand how to best align content assets, focus resources, and optimize production and distribution of content to drive ROI – all in 3-6 weeks

Event Marketing 365:
10 Tips to Build a Kick-ass Marketing Campaign Around Your Event

Has your conference flat-lined? Are you not reaching the younger generation community members? How are you engaging with them before, during and after the event? In this webcast, Rick Quinn, GM of Event Marketing Platform at The Pulse Network, gives you ten actionable tips to creating a kick-ass marketing campaign.

July 9th @ 1pm ET
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