Spotlight on IMS – 5 Tips for Going Mobile with Email from Elyse Tager of Constant Contact

Smartphones today enable everyone and anyone to create & distribute content with ease. In the fast paced world we live in, it is crucial to reach your audience via their mobile device. Elyse Tager of Constant Contact shares her 5 tips to go mobile with email in this spotlight on IMS.

1. Email is Not Dead. In the next five years, most of our online activity will happen on a mobile device. Laptops and desktop computers are being phased out by tablets and smartphones. 41% of emails are currently read on mobile devices, and this number is only expected to grow.

2. Get Started with Mobile Friendly or Mobile Responsive Emails Now. Make sure your subject line is clean, clear and short. Use bullet point and buttons rather than text links, and use single column formatting. Also, too many graphics will make your email unappealing to your audience. 55% of people say that having a bad email experience poorly reflects on a brand, and ultimately results in an unsubscribe.

3. Use Your Mobile Device for Content Creation. Give you ready an easy way to join your mailing list. Your phone is a content creating machine, so use it!

4. Connect with All Platforms Using Mobile Email. People use mobiles devices to access their social media profiles more than in any other way. Use social media icons in your emails and encourage your readers to share on all of their social media platforms.

5. Email’s Future Depends on Adapting to Technology. Create an end-to-end email experience. Email creation, content creation, managing your campaign and reading reports should all be able to be done on your mobile device. Your call to action to your reader should be easy to do on a mobile device.

Five Tips on Creating a Next Generation Marketing Program – A TPN My5 Featuring Stephen Saber

CEO of The Pulse Network Stephen Saber shares his five tips for creating a next-generation marketing program to keep you engaged with your customers.


  1. Break the Model.  You have to break the model down, fix it and rebuild it.
  2.  Build Your Program on Data. Figure out what your data says and build the program around what the data tells you. This will help you determine what types of targeted messages will be best received by your audience.
  3. Use Innovative Programming. Build your marketing around concepts that people are familiar with. Think of Shark Tank and American Idol and ask yourself: how do these techniques get people excited about your marketing?
  4. Maintain Constant Communication. Stay with your customer constantly. Use content to to give your customers what they want, when they want it.
  5. Bridge Your Offline and Online Programs. Create one experience between the two.


Spotlight on IMS: Tips on Reaching Your Email User Base from Mike Veilleux of Dyn

Check out this Spotlight on IMS as Mike Veilleux, Direct of Email Product at Dyn, shares his advice for email marketers who are trying to provide their customers with valuable messaging through email marketing.

YouTube Preview Image

1.       Evolution of Deliverability

Over the past decade, spam has significantly changed the way people receive emails and engage with them. In the past, nearly all spam emails contained ads for free Viagra and Viagra knock-off products. Now, spam is defined as unsolicited emails from a company, website or individual – emails that customers do not sign up for or don’ want to receive. Since the days of the Viagra spam, however, spam has evolved to the point of outsmarting many filters. Key deliverability aspects emails marketers need to take control of are engagement among email customers and building a strong, credible reputation of your brand, domains and IP address in order to avoid being noted as spam.

2.       Protect Your Brand

Hackers tend to try to impersonate brands and companies digitally in order to phish your recipients.

Sometimes people impersonate you to phish recipients to steal people’s information, including their login credentials and passwords. A new specification for email marketers has been implemented to help email marketers and end-consumers keep their information safe, called DMARC:

New specification called DMARC

  • Domain-Based
  • Message
  • Authentication
  • Reporting &
  • Conformance

3.       Incorporate Transactional Email

Transactional email is one of the least focused email assets in most companies. Transactional emails are emails sent by companies welcoming a new member to their database, confirmation emails sent after a purchase and follow-up mails sent after a product has been delivered. These emails have a statistically higher open rate as they tend to contain information specific to the recipient. There is plenty of valuable space in these emails for companies to explain more about their brand, take advantage of upsell opportunities and cross-sell additional products and services. Marketers should make sure that they are focusing equally on their transactional emails as they are on their brand marketing emails.

 4.       Offer Unique Messages and Content

Providing your email recipients with unique messages and content will help your brand gain value, deliver the highest engagement rate (opens, click-thrus), and assist in deliverability. Your recipients will be more likely to actively participate in your email campaigns if you provide them with value.

 5.       Incorporate Real-Time Information

Providing real-time information is essential to unique messages and content. By developing an infrastructure which drives real-time information from your website, social networks and including timely, relevant industry news, you can position your brand as a resource for current events.


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B2B Social Media Myths Busted: Is Email Dead?

Email is Dead… Long Live Email!

Despite the warnings of some, e-mail is not going away; it’s transforming.  No longer do email exchanges resemble an arms race to create the glitziest documents with all the bells and whistles. Instead, emails have become more about creating quick and simple messages that emphasize key points.

However, design is not the only thing that is changing with email. There are many more different ways that we can consume email, whether it be via computer or phone. Past that, there are different operating systems on those devices that handle emails differently.  Emails have even become an important part of the social CRM landscape and social media marketing in general. To finish up this series on busting social media myths and using social media for business, I explain how to understand the transformation email has gone through.

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Think I missed something on the post?  What some more advice on using the busted myths in business? Let me know by commenting on this post, or by reaching out to me on e-mail:

This is Part Five of a Five Part Series with Tyler Pyburn, Host at The Pulse Network, and Stephen Saber, Chief Executive Officer at The Pulse Network, in which they aim to make plain some of the biggest business to business social media myths.

Email marketing, E-mail Content

This is part two of a five part series featuring Stephen Saber, Chief Executive Officer of The Pulse Network, and Butch Stearns, Chief Operating Officer of The Pulse Network, in which they discuss the changing landscape of e-mail marketing.

In a survey done by Hubspot, they discovered the more content you put through your channels the more click through you will receive.  A simple tweet from your corporate account can easily get lost in a marketplace filled with over 180 million unique visitors a month so how do stay away from simple guerilla marketing?  I give my two cents in this part of the series of how to make your content king.

YouTube Preview Image

In part three of the series we will go into the how and where of e-mail marketing.

Also check out part one of the series on how e-mail marketing has changed.

Stephen Saber is the CEO of The Pulse Network and can be found on his BlogTwitter, and LinkedIn.  Butch Stearns is the COO of The Pulse Network and can be found on his BlogTwitter, and LinkedIn.


Event Marketing 365:
10 Tips to Build a Kick-ass Marketing Campaign Around Your Event

Has your conference flat-lined? Are you not reaching the younger generation community members? How are you engaging with them before, during and after the event? In this webcast, Rick Quinn, GM of Event Marketing Platform at The Pulse Network, gives you ten actionable tips to creating a kick-ass marketing campaign.

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